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"Innovative plastic solutions"


  • Available in nearly any angle
  • Tough yet Sleek & Attractive
  • Available in #4 Satin as well as many Embossed Patterns


  • Easily Installed on New or Existing Walls
  • Aluminum Extrusions with Vinyl Acrylic Covers
  • Handle Heavy Impact
  • Top and bottom caps provide a finished and clean look


  • Typically utilized in New Walls
  • Installed from Floor to Ceiling
  • Provides Complete Protection of Wall
  • Available in Variety of Lengths & Colors


  • Mounts directly to the wall surface without the use of a retainer
  • Tapered back to provide a finished look


  • Clear Polycarbonate Corner Guards
  • Perfect Solution for a Light Duty Application
  • Economical & Mount Easily on Existing Walls with Screws
  • Pre-Drilled Holes with Self-Tapping Screws