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Polypropylene (PP) is an economical material that offers a combination of outstanding physical, chemical, mechanical, thermal and electrical properties compared to low or high density polyethylene. It has lower impact strength, but superior working temperature and tensile strength. Polypropylene possesses excellent resistance to organic solvents, degreasing agents and electrolytic attack. It is a tough, lightweight, heat resistant, easily thermoformed material. Sheet polypropylene, used as paneling retains its rigidity and flatness at high ambient temperatures.


Various finishes
Superior impact strength
Low moisture absorption
Excellent Chemical resistance
Excellent thermoforming properties
Food grade
Easily machined
Good rigidity

Application areas

Typical applications for polypropylene sheet include dunnage slip-sheets, stadium seating, microwave compatible food containers, clean room wall linings, molded automotive parts, packaging and toys.

Available in

Black, white, & natural.