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Polycasa PC is the brand name for extruded Polycarbonate sheet from Polycasa in accordance with ISO 11963 / DIN 16801. The Polycasa PC programme offers solutions to both indoor and outdoor applications and for outdoor use we recommend Polycasa PC UVP, a material with 10 years weathering warranty. As well as clear, standard opals and white, a variety of colours and designs are also available as a result of the extrusion process we can offer.

Did you know that Polycasa PC sheets are a very high impact product, very good to use for safety glazing systems. Sheets are tested according EN 12417 - machine guard glazing, make ideal sound barrier walls or as safety walls
behind ice hockey goals. Polycasa PC-SR sheets are protected by a scratch resistant layer on both sheet surfaces.

  • Excellent optical properties and a brilliant surface.
  • Easy to fabricate and shows exceptional performance at both low and high temperatures (from -40°C to +130°C).
  • Excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.
  • Virtually unbreakable in normal use.Easy to vacuum form (pre-drying required).
  • Normally inflammable - Building Regulations l Class B2 to DIN 4102, Part 1. (For gauges from 1.50 up to 6.00 mm Class B1 applies.)
  • Moulded containers, bowls and tubs.
  • Machine safety guards, vending machine fascias.
  • Vehicle and boat construction, aircraft (only for internal use).
  • Safety glazing (sports centres, penal establishments and other buildings).
  • Street and traffic signs.
  • Office machinery (covers, sight panels).
  • Industrial construction.
  • Partition walls.
  • Advertising panels.