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"Innovative plastic solutions"

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CAST is the brand name for cast polymethylmethacrylate sheets from Polycasa. The composition of the final product is 90-95% PMMA + additives (stabilisers, plasticisers, dyes and pigments, and release agents).

  • Optical transparency of 93% light transmission for transparent sheets – significantly lighter and far more impact-resistant than glass of the equivalent thickness.
  • Resistant to UV rays, good thermal stability and low water absorption.
  • Easy to handle – most fabricating techniques can be used with CAST, allowing attractive designs.
  • Food approved according to EN 10-2011.
  • Easy to recycle.
  • Tailor made colours on demand.
  • Wide range of specialties.
  • Signs
  • Displays
  • Furniture
  • Sanitary fittings
  • Gift articles
  • Shopfittings
  • Solariums
  • Boat windows
  • Projection screens