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Acryglaze is a specially formulated extruded acrylic in the form of large dimensional sheet produced for the glazing industry. Acryglaze comes with a 20 year warranty and offers a solution for outdoor applications such as glazing, canopies and roofing. Acryglaze is available in 2 stock colours of clear and light grey tint however, a large range of tints and colours are available with minimum order quantities. Acryglaze glazing acrylic offers a cost effective alternative to heavy glass while keeping a modern crystal clear look.


  • Excellent optical properties
  • High quality gloss surface
  • Exceptional aging and weathering resistance
  • Acryglaze does not contain any toxic materials or heavy metals which may cause environmental damage of health risks
  • Acryglaze is recyclable
  • Acryglaze is easy to fabricate on site with standard tools

Sheet Sizes (Thickness x Length x Width)

  • 6.0mm x 6000mm x 610mm
  • 6.0mm x 4000mm x 610mm

Colours: Clear and light grey tint


  • Light Domes
  • Double and triple glazing
  • Existing or new Pergolas, Canopies, Gazebos, Awnings and Walkways


Acryglaze Product Data Sheet