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LUMEX® G is the newest brand on the market for premium quality modified Polyethylen Terephthalate (PET-G). LUMEX® G is the best choice for thermoforming and hot line bending applications. LUMEX® G sheets are flame retardant rated ‘difficult-to-ignite’, approved for direct food contact and show good impact resistance. They are also excellent to print with UV curing inks and fast, convenient to convert.


LUMEX® G sheets feature enhanced thermoforming capabilities as they don’t crystallize. Vacuumforming can be done without pre-drying and signifi cantly shorter than the usual cycle times. Extremely high contour accuracy can be obtained at lower temperatures compared to traditional transparent materials.

  • Enhanced thermoforming capabilities with shorter than usual cicle times
  • Doesn’t require pre-drying – massive energy savings
  • Simplified bonding with solvent based adhesives
  • Good resistance against breakage at low temperatures
  • Weatherability up to 3 years even for standard types
  • Approved by FDA/BGA for direct contact with foodstuff and medical applications
  • Flame retardant rated ‘difficult-to-ignite’
  • Good to print with UV curing inks
  • Available also in widths of 2050 mm down to 1 mm thickness
Protective Film
  • On both sides (upper side: transparent, printed / lower side: transparent, unprinted)
    • Thermoformed fronts for vending machines
    • Vacuum-formed trays for storage and manufacturing
    • Medical appliances
    • Retro-printed translucent signs
    • Three-dimensional POS/POP items
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