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High impact Polystyrene (HIPS) is an extruded sheet which is great anywhere high impact strength is required. HIPS is also easily machined and thermoformed.


Various finishes
Superior impact strength
Easily printable
Excellent thermoforming properties
Easily machined
Good rigidity

Application areas

High impact polystyrene is widely used as packaging (food, medical/pharmaceutical), signage & display items.

Available in

A comprehensive range of colours. Colour matching is available on request.

HIPS is available in a wide range of variants including food grade, stress crack resistant, UV stabilized, & ignition resistant.

The above information is based upon experience and given in good faith. Due to many factors, which are outside our knowledge and control, no warranty is given or is to be implied with respect to such information.

Material Properties*




Tensile strength ISO 527 MPa 18
Flexural strength ISO 178 MPa 40
izod notched impact strength ISO 180 J/m2 100
Heat deflection temperature ISO 75 °C 80
VICAT softening temperature ISO 306 °C 88
Density** ISO 1183   1.06
Flammability Rating UL94 Class HB

 * Property evaluations on injection molded unpigmented material
** Density values vary with pigmentation

Sheets are produced from resins that are certified according to UL 94. Furthermore, several products have been tested according DIN 4102 (class B1 and B2), DIN 5510 (class S3, SR1 and SR 2, ST1 and ST2), BS 476 part 7 (class 1Y), NF P 92-501 (M2), CSE/75/A (class 1), CSE/RF/3/77 (class 1), UNE 23.727-90 (Class M.4). A list of products that have been tested and their respective classification. If information regarding classifications according to other standards is needed, it is often possible to retrieve information from our raw material suppliers.