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Installation Instructions and Warranty - Important Notes

Solar Shield Polycarbonate roofing should be installed with the UV surface protected side facing the sun. This is the side with the message “this side to the sun” or Polycarbonate UV 400. Ensure the labels are removed immediately after installation. The sheet can be cut with a pair of tin snips, a fine-tooth handsaw or a fine-tooth circular saw with a suitable cut-off blade for plastic. Always wear eye protection when using cutting tools. Never walk directly on top of solar shield polycarbonate roofing.

Roof Pitch and Overhang

Ensure the roof pitch is a minimum of 5° or 87mm per 1000mm. This will provide correct water runoff. If a flatter pitch is required, additional weatherproofing will be required and you should contact your local roofing installer for advice. Allow an overhang of 50mm at the roof edge or gutter line. To avoid damage in high wind areas, do not exceed 50mm. For roof laying, start with the lower sheets first.

Thermal Movement Allowance

Temperature changes will cause the sheet to expand and contract. Allow at least 10mm clearance when butting against wall or fascia. Ensure a 10mm clearance hole is pre-drilled and fixings are centred.

Overlapping Sheets

Lengths of Solar Shield should overlap by 200mm. Side overlaps differ for each profile - refer to below diagram for corrugated profile.


Purlin/Batten Spacings

Spacings should be reduced to 750mm maximum end spans in areas exposed to high winds.

Fixing Screws and Spacing’s

Screws should be fastened at every third corrugation and every second corrugation at gutters, overlaps and ridging. Fasten through the crest of the wave for roofing, and through the valley of the wave for walls and fences. Use Sealright or Drillright fixing screws which are compatible with polycarbonate sheeting. Use approximately 8 per sqm. Avoid over tightening screws to prevent damage to the sheet. Allow for expansion and contraction while still fixing firmly.

Sealants and Infill’s

Foam infills are recommended and available for Solar Shield. Sealants can be incompatible with polycarbonate so please check with the sealant manufacturer to ensure is combatable with polycarbonate. Use the appropriate flashings and infill strips to complete your project and provide weather and vermin proofing. Incorrect sealing will damage the sheet and void the warranty.

Handling, Cleaning and Care

Avoid chemicals, paint, adhesives and other synthetic materials that are not compatible with polycarbonate sheeting. Store sheets on a flat surface in a well protected area away from direct sunlight. Prevent moisture getting between stored sheets. Sheets can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft sponge. This should be done regularly. Take care not to scratch the sheet. Rinse thoroughly.

Solar Shield Limited Lifetime Warranty

IPS (Trading as Industrial Plastic shapes Ltd) warrants to the original purchaser that its “Solar Shield” Polycarbonate Sheet (“the product”), when installed using recommended procedures, shall perform in accordance with published specifications and shall be free from manufacturing defects under normal household use and conditions. For the purpose of this warranty:

  1. IPS warrants for a limited period of 10 years from the date of original purchase that the product will not undergo a loss in light transmission in excess of 10% in comparison with the original value when tested in accordance with ASTM D 1003 and thereafter no more than 1% per year for its serviceable lifetime.
  2. IPS warrants for a period of 5 years from the date of original purchase, that the Solar Shield sheets will offer resistance to hail damage measuring up to 25mm in diameter. If in the event a product fails to comply with the warranty, IPS will offer a full replacement of the product.
  3. This warranty applies to the material only and does not cover labour costs to re install replacement material.
Terms and Conditions
  1. The Warranty only applies to product that is stored, installed, cleaned and maintained in accordance with IPS recommendations;
  2. The product is protected on one side with a UV protective layer and the warranty will only apply if the sheet is installed with the UV side facing the sun;
  3. The warranty does not apply if loss of light transmission is caused by the use of chemicals, paint or other substances or the accumulation of dirt or if the product has been abraded, scratched or similarly misused;
  4. The Warranty is limited to product used solely in domestic applications;
  5. The warranty is given to the original purchaser only and cannot be assigned to a third party;
  6. All claims made under the warranty must be notified to IPS in writing and be accompanied by proof of purchase;
  7. Any product under warranty claim must be made available for inspection by IPS. If IPS determines that a claim for warranty is justified, the liability of IPS is limited to the supply of replacement sheet. IPS shall not be liable for any amount greater than the original price the purchaser paid for the material.