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Futurewood Decking

Futurewood – A Timber Free Stylish Decking Material

Futurewood Composite Decking has been designed to allow you the choice of an environmentally friendly and low maintenance deck all in one product. Be comfortable knowing that you have made an economically sound decision that won't hurt the environment.

Why use an alternative to Timber Decking?
  • Eco-friendly product with no forest timber used
  • 100% recycled materials: HDPE plastic & discarded rice husks or hulls
  • Low water absorption
  • Save on maintenance costs
  • 15 year warranty on Futurewood decking against rotting and splitting
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The standard stock size available is 138mm x 23mm x 5400mm. If this size does not suit, we can customise the length of the boards for you. Please note minimum quantities and conditions apply. Installing your Futurewood deck is a quick and simple process with the NewTech deck clip system. This fixing system is completely concealed, giving you a cleaner and more stylish looking deck.

Fencing and Screening

EnviroSlat Fencing and Screening

EnviroSlat fencing and screening slats are designed around great value for money, easy installation, superior looks, proven sustainability and low maintenance.

EnviroSlat Features and Benefits

Feature/Benefit Futurewood Decoboard Timber
Standard Long Lengths (5.4 metres) Standard random lengths
Resistant to Termites X
Fully finished and ready to install X
Very low maintenance X
No cupping knot holes or splinters X
Solid colour never needs painting X
3 designer colours X
10 year warranty X
No sap runs or tannin leaching X
Won't rot X
Low water absorption X
Fencing/Screening Construction

EnviroSlat is designed to be fixed directly to posts that are fixed in/on the ground. The posts can be made of timber, steel or aluminium and need to be of a suitable cross section and strength to hold the intended fence size/weight. 

Futurewood provides a range of 2400mm long black powdered coated aluminium fence posts in either 30mm x 30mm, 50mm x 50mm or 65mm x 65mm as well as a 30mm x 16mm x 1800mm “U” channel specifically designed for use with the 70mm x 15mm EnviroSlat boards. 

The maximum span for continuously fixing EnviroSlat boards is 900mm between support posts in order to minimize flexing caused by thermal expansion/contraction of the boards. For single spans the maximum distance between support posts is 600mm. 

Spacing between slats comes down to personal preference and the amount of privacy, shade and air flow that is required.

TelephoneMore information about Futurewood Composite Decking, Fencing and Screening is available by calling 0800 88 88 42 or visit the Futurewood Website